The lively colors and unique texture make slates appropriate for interior as well as exterior applications. Slate is formed of compressed layers of sediments formed under ocean. Since it is formed in layers, it can easily be split to expose beautifully textured surfaces. The usual colors of slates are earthy browns, beiges, yellows, black, dark-grays, and greenish-gray, pinks, purples and copper are also found. They usually exhibit lot of variations even in the same quarry. Slates are used for flooring, cladding and landscaping.
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Akbar_Pur Slate
Ashok_Gold Slate
Autumn Slate
Autumn Special Riven Slate

Autumn White Riven Slate
Bazzard Laying Slate
Bazzard Multicolor Slate
Beige Slate

Brazilian Black
Brazilian Green

Honed Black Slate
Indian Black Slate

Jack Multi Slate
Kund Multi Slate
Lilac White Slate
Mac Green Slate

McPeacock Slate
McRed Slate
Multi Slate
Multi Pink Slate

Nac Green Slate
Pearl Slate
Pflaume Slate
Pure Pink Slate

Raja Multicolor Slate Raja Red Slate Regular Autumn Slate Roch Verde Slate

Rustic Black Slate Rustic Green Slate Rustic Lanka Slate Sanjani Slate

Simpla White Slate
Tera Red Slate
Vijaya Gold Slate
Yellow Slate