Sandstone consists of sand covered by silica, iron and lime. Cementing material determines the color of sandstone, iron sandstones are reddish, brownish; carbonaceous, black; siliceous, white and argillaceous, earthy to buff. The hardness of sandstones is important in deciding suitability for applications for sandstone.
Agra Red
Autumn Brown
Bansi Pink

Budhpura Grey
Dholpur Pink
Dholpur Red Chocolate
Dholpur White

Jaisalmer Yellow
Khandla Grey
Lalitpur Yellow

Modak Red
Rajpura Pink

Shivpuri Pink
Speckle Brown
Teak Wood
Tint Mint

Tint Mint Dust
Tint Mint Green
Tint Mint Grey Tint Mint Lines