The soft limestone tiles are ideal for today's more casual and comfortable environments. Generally the soft beiges and tans are suitable for bathrooms, fireplaces, counters and floors.


Limestone is a sedimentary rock that is formed at the bottom of lakes and seas, as organic matters settle to the bottom. As more and more layers build up over thousands and millions of years, adding more and more weight, the heat and pressure cause chemical reactions to take place to harden the sediments into solid stone

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Cedar Limestone


Crema Europa
Creta Coral
Creta Limestone
Forest Brown
Forest Green
Galala Beige Honed
Gascogne Blue
Giallo Provenza
Golden Mocha
Italian Limestone
Ivory Antico
Jerusalem Bone
Jerusalem Gold Dark
Jerusalem Gold Light
Kota Blue
Kota Brown
Lagos Blue
Lime Black
Lime Green
Lime Multi
Lime Peacock
Lime Pink
Limestone Marseille
Moca Creme Honed
Mocha Cream
Monterrey (Durango)
Pacific Gold
Porto Beige
Riviera Beige
Roman Beige
Saint Claire
Saint Mark Jaune
Saint Hubert
Sunny Desert Antique
Sunny Desert Polished